Killepitsch 42 % –
Premium Herbal Liqueur

A real Düsseldorfer specialty


  • Killepitsch is a multiple award winning premium herbal liqueur with 42 percent alcohol by volume and made exclusively from natural raw materials.
  • It is a mix of over 98 organic herbs, berries, and fruits sourced from all corners of the earth.
  • Killepitsch, originally ripened in antique clay containers is now aged in stainless steel tanks, allowing the complexity of its ingredient flavors to slowly mix together into its famously velvety taste.
  • The Killepitsch recipe, a family secret for over 70 years, fuses tradition with state of the art advances in production to guarantee quality control and the same taste every time.

Applepitsch 18 % –
Premium Apple Liqueur

The Apple Martini from Düsseldorf


  • Applepitsch is tangy liqueur consisting of a harmonious blend of citrus fruit-distillate and the juice from natural apples on a Vodka base.
  • In order to achieve its spritzy taste, Applepitsch is stored in stainless steel tempered tanks to ripen and fuse together.
  • Applepitsch is a refreshing cocktail-like drink perfect for both mixing as well as on its own.

GIN Pitsch 44 % –
Düsseldorf Dry Gin

The Dry Gin from Düsseldorf


  • A bouquet of 18 botanicals and citrus fruits are what makes our gin unique in flavor and extraordinary in smoothness.
  • The special design bottle shows the imposing skyline of Düsseldorf.

Vodkapitsch 40 % –
German Vodka

The Vodka from Düsseldorf


  • A pure, mild Vodka with a slight note of fresh wheat produced in Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • Using a state of the art blender, 96% vol. fine wheat distillate is blended together with pure filtered water under high pressure (3.5 bar to 72% vol.) and allowed to rest. Then the product is mixed once again with purified water, bringing it down to the ideal 40% vol. level.
  • Finally, the Vodka goes through a sheet filtration system to be then stored in stainless steel tempered tanks to ripen.